Netflix has started testing a new method to help crack down on password sharing. The streaming platform is asking users in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru to pay extra money to share Netflix outside their homes.

Of course, Netflix knows if you share your password with others outside your home, and despite it hurting the company’s bottom line, they’re still letting that happen—for now.

However, the company is testing ways they might benefit from sharing passwords. Still, while charging extra for sharing Netflix passwords may seem alarming, you shouldn’t worry about it. Why over here

Netflix asks users to pay more for sharing passwords

Netflix has announced plans to charge users who share their passwords between households, an additional fee. In a blog post, Netflix’s Chengyi Long, Director of Product Innovation, said, “We’re working on ways to enable members who share outside their home, while also paying a little more.”

According to Long, the additional charge will include two new features. First, members in the Standard and Premium plans will have the ability to link up to two sub-accounts. In addition to each sub-account having its own profile, each will also have unique login details and personalized recommendations.

Secondly, Netflix is ​​also making it possible to transfer existing profile information such as viewing history, My List, and personal recommendations to a new account or sub-account. Perhaps, this is to tempt some freeloaders to get their Netflix accounts.

To enjoy the two new features, you’ll need to pay about $3 extra. While Netflix is ​​available in over 100 countries and claims to have over 220 million paying subscribers, the trial is only starting in three South American countries: Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

Password sharing is rampant, especially as far as entertainment services go, and Netflix is ​​no exception. Password sharing is a significant issue for Netflix, like other streaming services, and it’s hurting the company’s revenue. According to Long, password sharing affects the company’s ability to “invest in great new TV and movies for our members.”

Netflix is ​​exploring a way to tackle password sharing, and this is the company’s first official move to tackle the issue. The move is interesting because Netflix is ​​not penalizing those who share passwords. Instead, the company’s vision is for guilt-trip freeloaders to pay for Netflix, or at the very least, add more cash to share passwords to get the attention of bill payers.

So if you share Netflix between households, expect a user-prompt asking you to pay more. And with the new features, this move of the company provides a win-win situation for both the company and the users. This is a friendly move that, hopefully, won’t make you want to cancel your Netflix account.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Sharing Your Netflix At This Time

If you’re sharing your Netflix password outside of your home, you don’t have to worry about the company’s move to monetize password sharing. Firstly, this is only a trial and is currently limited to only three countries. Testing is the company’s way of checking whether a feature works. Based on its effectiveness, Netflix will decide whether these two features will expand to other regions.

Secondly, the additional charge is optional. As mentioned above, Netflix’s approach does not penalize those who share passwords. You’ll decide whether it’s worth paying the extra expense of your own volition.

Should You Pay for Netflix’s Extra Features?

Although the two additional features are only available in three countries, are they really worth paying for? Sure, paying extra for Netflix is ​​the last thing you probably want to hear right now after the 2021 price hike. However, given the usefulness of the features, it may be worth it if you care about the company’s bottom line.

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