Have you ever wanted to share your thoughts privately with a YouTube creator? Although Google has removed the private messaging option from YouTube, there is a way.

Since you can’t message someone directly on YouTube, you can send an email directly or contact a video creator or channel administrator through their social media profiles.

We’ll show you how to message a YouTuber via their email address or social link in this post.

how to message someone on youtube

It only takes a few clicks to send a message to a channel on a YouTuber. First, log in to your account on YouTube, and follow these steps to get started.

how to contact youtube channel via email address

If prompted, check the check mark inside the I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA box and press Submit to reveal the channel’s email address.

Click on the email address listed to send an email directly to the channel owner, or copy and paste it into the email client.

How to message a YouTuber through their social profile

If a YouTuber doesn’t have an email address linked to their channel, you can try other options. Most creators link their social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others to their YouTube channel.

You can access these social media options by visiting the YouTube channel’s About page.

Scrolling down and clicking on their social accounts under the link section will take you to their social media profile page. Alternatively, you can see their social media profile link in the lower-right corner of their channel banner at the top.

Once you get to a YouTuber’s social profile, you can try sending them a direct message from there.

send a public chat instead

Sending a public message is another way to reach a channel owner on YouTube, provided they haven’t disabled comments on YouTube videos. However, the messages you send here are not private, and everyone can see them.

To send a public chat or comment on YouTube, go to the channel’s home page and click the Community tab (if present). Next, leave a comment on any of their published posts (if they have any). I

If you’d rather be contacted about a particular video, you can search for the video in question using the search icon at the top of the channel’s page.

Next, click on the said video and scroll down to the comments section. Type your message in the comment field and press COMMENT.

That YouTuber is only a message away

While the absence of a YouTube DM makes it a hindrance to message someone directly on YouTube, these alternative methods of messaging work. For example, sending an email to a YouTuber, as shown, even gives your message official credibility and can even help you connect more closely with the YouTuber.

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