The gaming industry is not shy about showing its support for Ukrainians during this difficult time.

The latest to stand out in epic fashion is Humble Bundle, a charity-focused gaming store and owned by IGN (the popular gaming news publication).

What is Humble Bundle?

Humble Bundle was founded in 2010 and was then acquired by IGN in 2017. As well as being an online games retailer, it also offers a subscription service called Humble Choice, as well as regular game, books and software bundles, where all proceeds go to charity.

Most of the games on Humble Bundle are redeemable on Steam, and are donated in bulk to the platform in an effort to raise money for charity. Each bundle supports a different set of charities, from children’s hospitals to environmental causes.

What’s Included in the Stand with the Ukraine Humble Bundle

The most recent Humble Bundle, the Stand With Ukraine Bundle, offers some incredible pieces of content and is one of the biggest bundles ever. For just $40, it offers a massive library of games, books, and software, with a retail price of $2,572.

From AAA titles like Back 4 Blood and Metro Exodus to survival games like This War of Mine and The Long Dark, it offers remarkable value for money. There’s also a 12-month subscription to GameMaker Studio 2 Creator, Music Maker EDM Edition, and RPG Maker VX.

To sweeten the deal, 100% of your money goes to charities supporting Ukraine: Razom, International Rescue Committee (IRC), International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief for Ukraine.

In just a few days, Humble Bundle has managed to raise over $10,00,000 from this bundle alone.

How to buy a stand with Ukraine Humble Bundle

The Stand With Ukraine bundle is served in the same format as the other bundles. First, go to the Stand with Ukraine bundle page. Here you can choose to pay a minimum donation, a predefined donation, or a custom amount. You can also choose to split the donation between the four charities that the bundle supports. To do this, click Adjust donation, then choose a custom amount.

Where your money goes, and how you decide to split it is entirely up to you. Regardless, you’ll receive 123 items even if you choose to donate the minimum amount.

When you’re ready to donate, click Checkout. You can pay for Humble Bundle via credit card, PayPal or other payment methods, depending on your location. Act fast if you want, as the bundle is only available until March 25.

The gift that keeps on giving

With game and software titles worth a minimum donation alone, the Stand With Ukraine Bundle is one that lets you tread safely in the knowledge that 100% of your donation will go towards a great cause.

Whether you decide to claim all the items in the bundle, gift a few to your friends or family, or send the entire lot to someone who’ll love it, you’ll join hundreds of other users who rave about the incredible value. . Courteous.

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