Dynamic formatting and presentation go a long way in engaging readers within MS Word documents. Adding page numbers to attractive fonts in the footer lowers the artistic quotient of your documents.

Did you know that you can add geometric shapes to surround the page numbering for a more substantial effect? If you’re still not sure how to add page numbers in Word, read on.

How to Add Page Numbers in Word

Page numbers are very useful in Word, especially when you are working with a lot of pages at once. However, why work with dull, outdated page numbers when you have so many fancy options to choose from.

Here’s how you can add page numbers to different sizes in Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Header and Footer

To enter page numbers in Word, the first step is to drag your cursor upwards, where a strip of white sections is visible. If you hover your pointer over this section, a tool-tip will appear asking you to double-click to hide the white space.

You can number your pages here or add chapter titles in a fancy format.

As the name suggests, the footer is always at the bottom of your page. If your footer is not visible, you can optionally double-click on the option to enable/disable footer and add page numbers in fancy shapes here. This is an important step when it comes to adding numbers to Word documents.

Step 2: Deciding where to enter the page number

The most important thing to decide is where you want to place the page number in Word, that is, in the header or footer. Double-clicking on either will highlight them and allow you to enter the page number.

Before doing this, set the alignment. You can use the Ctrl+J/L/R/E combo shortcut to set the alignment to proper, left, right, or centered alignment, respectively.

Step 3: Insert Shape

Click the Insert menu and select the shape to store your page numbering. To resize the shape, hold down the Shift key.

Step 4: Enter Numbering

Once you have inserted the shape, right-click on it and choose Add Text. Choose whatever font/text color/color fill you want for page numbering and shape. Once you master these steps you can add circles, squares, rectangles and change them on the fly.

Click on the Header & Footer tab at the top; Select the Page Number tab. Make sure your cursor is inside the inserted shape. Click on Current Status to insert page number.

Adding Page Numbers in MS Word

Adding page numbers in Word is easy, especially if you know what to add. Microsoft Word is a handy suite, equipped with simple design rules to make your work easier.

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