Windows 11 includes some taskbar customization settings out of the box, such as changing icon alignment, adding/removing icons, badging, and automatically hiding the bar. However, there are no options in the settings to add rounded corners to the taskbar.

To customize the taskbar this way, you’ll need a third-party app. This is how you can add some curvature to your Windows 11 taskbar with RoundedTB.

How to Download and Install RoundedTB

RoundedTB is a freely available Microsoft Store app with which you can add both curved corners and margins to the taskbar of Windows 11. Since it’s an MS Store app, you’ll need to sign in to a Microsoft account to download it from there.

If you don’t have the appropriate account to sign in to, you can set it up on the Microsoft Accounts website. When you set up and sign in to an MS account in Windows 11, you can download and install RoundedTB as follows.

After installing it, you can click on an Open button on RoundedTB MS Store page to launch the app. Alternatively, enter the keyword RoundedTB in Windows 11’s search box to search for and open the app from there.

How to Change the Corner Radius and Margins of the Taskbar

Now you can have some taskbar customization fun with RoundedTB. To add some curves to the taskbar, drag the slider on the corner radius bar to the right. Applying a maximum curve setting of 48 will add rounded corners to both sides of the taskbar as shown in the snapshot directly below. Click Apply to save any of the selected options.

To add some margin to the taskbar, drag the margin bar slider slightly to the right. Doing so actually reduces the width of the taskbar by removing pixels from the top and bottom. If you drag that bar’s slider to the far right, the taskbar will disappear entirely. Therefore, it is best not to set that option higher than about nine as shown below.

How to Apply RoundedTB’s Advanced Options

RoundedTB includes more options that you can access by clicking the Advanced button. Dynamic Mode is the most interesting advanced setting. Selecting and applying the Dynamic Mode option turns the taskbar into something similar to the macOS dock. This setting reduces the width of the taskbar to the number of icons it contains, as in the screenshot below.

Automatically selecting the Dynamic Mode option will remove the system tray clock and region. However, you can preserve the clock by selecting the Show system tray area option. Alternatively, select the Show system tray on hover option, which enables you to view the tray area by moving the cursor up.

Right below those system tray options, you’ll see a TranslucentTB compatibility checkbox. TranslucentTB is like a RoundedTB sister app that enables you to add transparency to the taskbar of Windows 11. Our guide on how to make the taskbar transparent in Windows 10 article provides further details for that app.

Selecting the TranslucentTB compatibility option will enable that app’s taskbar transparency effect to work with RoundedTB.

When you are finished tinkering with the taskbar, you can close the RoundedTB window. RoundedTB will continue to run in the background even after you exit your window. You can close the app completely by right-clicking on its system tray icon and selecting Close RoundedTB. However, closing the app also removes its taskbar customization.

Enhance the Taskbar’s Aesthetic Appeal with RoundedTB

RoundedTB is a nifty customization app to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the taskbar in Windows 11. You can add a whole lot more stylish rounded corners to the taskbar with Rounded TB. Users who prefer the macOS Dock to the Windows taskbar will also appreciate its Dynamic Mode option.

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