The iPhone is great, but some people want something bigger. With the iPad mini, you can get a device with a huge screen that you can take almost anywhere.

Phones are getting bigger every year, but if the iPhone 13 Pro Max isn’t big enough for you, you might want to take a look at the iPad mini. You can connect it to the same cellular network as your iPhone, the same chip powers it, and Apple claims it can fit in your pocket.

So should your next phone be the iPad mini?

It’s Just Like an iPhone

In many ways, the iPad mini is no different from the iPhone. The latest iPad mini packs the same A15 Bionic processor that powers the iPhone 13 lineup. This means that everything the iPhone is good at, the iPad Mini is good too.

Having the power of the A15 Bionic means the iPad mini has no problem with demanding apps and games, can manage to open multiple apps at once, and can handle split-screen multitasking without skipping a beat.

Making the iPad mini your daily carry device also means you’ll have access to all the benefits of a larger machine. Whether you’re checking email, watching a movie or playing a game, you’ll have a lot of screen real estate to work with.

Since this is an iPad and not an iPhone, the iPad mini has many other advantages as well. Not only will you get a much bigger screen, but you’ll also get access to apps and programs that aren’t available on the iPhone.

Being able to use Photoshop, Lightroom, and ProCreate helps creators take their projects wherever they go, and gamers will love being able to play titles like Divinity: Original Sin 2 and FTL: Faster Than Light, which are available right now. Not available on iPhone. And that is only scratching the surface.

How big is too big?

Although the iPad mini is the smallest tablet in Apple’s lineup, it’s downright huge compared to the iPhone. After all, the latest iPad mini has an 8.3-inch display. To put this in perspective, the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s display is only 6.68 inches, and many consider it a phone monster.

Apple says the iPad mini can fit in a pocket, but that will depend on how big your pocket is. Unless you’re a fan of cargo pants or rocking some throwback JNCO jeans, you’ll probably find that the iPad Mini will be more than a handful to carry.

For most people the iPad mini is probably too big to be their daily driver. That being said, some people really want the biggest device they can get their hands on. If this sounds like you, the iPad Mini might be right up your alley.

send messages on ipad mini

Similar to the Mac, the iPad mini can access iMessage servers at any time when it is connected to the Internet. But just like on Mac, you will only be able to send messages to other iMessage users. That means if you need to contact someone who uses an Android phone, you’ll be out of luck.

Even if you have an iPad with cell service, you’re still only connected to the data network, not the voice network. You may be surprised to learn that texting or SMS actually operates through the cellular voice network and not the data network. So without iPhone forwarding, you cannot send SMS messages through iPad.

Can you call on this?

The short answer is one of a kind. Like other Apple devices, you can forward calls from your iPhone to your iPad mini.

When it comes to making calls directly from your iPad mini, using FaceTime is one of the easiest solutions. The iPad mini’s large display makes it great for video calls, and if you want a more traditional phone call experience, you can always use FaceTime Audio to make voice-only calls.

While FaceTime is a great way to connect with other Apple users, just like iMessage, you won’t be able to contact someone who doesn’t have an iPhone or other Apple device.

If you want to use your iPad mini as a standalone device, you’re going to need a few tricks up your sleeve.

What are some remedies?

Although iPadOS has built-in texting and calling options, it’s not exactly the same experience you get on a traditional smartphone. The limitations of iMessage and FaceTime mean the way you connect with people is much more limited than on a regular phone.

Still, you can get around these issues. Google Voice is a great way to turn your iPad mini into a proper phone replacement. Signing up with Google Voice gives you a virtual phone number that you can use to call and text almost anyone.

Skype is another great option for expanding the reach of your iPad. You can set up with a phone number that you can call or make calls from almost any phone. You can also use it to send SMS messages to anyone. It is no longer just for video conferencing.

And of course, the iPad mini also has access to services like WhatsApp and Telegram, which you can use for instant messaging, video calls, and voice calls.

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