Everyone suffers from anxiety from time to time, but for some, the feeling can persist outside the home and in the workplace. Social anxiety is the fear of social interaction or criticism from others, so if you find yourself feeling anxious before, during, and after work and struggling to complete your daily tasks, top your mental health. Keeping it is important. of your list.

There are many ways to help with your confidence level, so here are some places to start.

1. Self Care

Making self-care a priority is one of the best things you can do for anxiety, and you can do it with the help of technology. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your workload and forgetting to devote time to your self-care routine, there’s an app to help.

Finch is a pet widget app that tracks your daily mood, giving you the option to customize the furry friend on your phone. It asks you questions about your day, lets you journal your thoughts, encourages breathing exercises, monitors you over time, and even gives you daily words of affirmation. Watch it grow over time. You can learn something new about yourself.

2. Physical exercise

Exercise is usually the first thing that comes to mind with anxiety, and that’s totally true. Physical exercise makes you feel good about yourself and can distract you from negative thinking or self-talk in the workplace. Not only will you release a lot of stress, but establishing a workout routine is a great balance between work activities.

The Fitbit fitness app is great for managing anxiety symptoms, as you can monitor your heart rate for 90 days or more. Review your hourly activity, resting heart rate, steps taken throughout the day, and keep tabs on your sleep score! Not only is this a great guide to accomplishing fitness goals, but you’ll feel confident going back to work. If you’re looking to create your own set of exercise goals, take a look at the best apps for quick workout sessions!

3. Sleep Better

If you’ve been working all night on that overdue piece for work, there’s a chance you’re not following a proper sleep routine. Chaotic bedtime will contribute to increased anxiety in the work environment, so it needs to be kept under control—especially if you work for more than 8 hours a day.

Lack of sleep can lead to frustration and an inability to concentrate, so your body needs to perform at its best! Various apps are guaranteed to relax your body as soon as you close your eyes, such as the Calm app. Calm includes dozens of soothing bedtime stories and guided meditations to help you achieve relaxation. It’s guaranteed to help you feel free to feel any worries about the day ahead.

4. Join a Supportive Community

Nowadays, the online space is a part of more people’s lives than ever before, and joining an online community of like-minded people on the Internet can help quell feelings of self-criticism and doubt at work. Discuss with people with similar conflicts in the workplace.

Do you find it difficult to talk about issues for fear of being rejected by your boss? Are you worried about how your coworkers see them? Communities like Social Anxiety Support have tons of categories for you to join! Sections on how to cope, research, friendship, medicine, arts and crafts, and more.

5. Plan the Week

Do you overthink every time you’re given a due date at the office? Planning your week may seem like such a small task, but it’s well worth the time to get organized. It can define the difference between an overload of information and getting things done! Decide what tasks you need to complete each week, then create a series of blocks throughout the day to divide them up.

Try the Tweak Calendar app, and pay attention to your patterns. If you like working by color-coding then this app is perfect. Note when you are most active, and jot down those times. Having a clear idea of ​​when you should get things done will give you a sense of clarity, which will reduce your feelings of anxiety. Here are some custom planners you can make with Google Drive.

6. Keep a Diary

Getting your ideas down on paper has always been good for keeping things out in the open, but what about the convenience of using apps to do so? Diaro allows you to compose entries, filter your records, sync with Dropbox, and use them in over 30 languages. Best of all, it’s completely free! Write down your thoughts throughout the day, ideally the way you are feeling at work, and keep track of your behavior patterns.

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