Google is known for hiding funny secrets in its products and services, and many of these are related to video games. It makes sense that Google’s developers are video game fans!

We’ve rounded up some of the best video game-related Google easter eggs that you need to try. Whether it’s playing Pac-Man on the Google logo or spinning your entire browser, these are sure to put a smile on your face.

1. Play Pac-Man on Google Logo

May 21, 2010 marked the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. To celebrate the birth of one of gaming’s most iconic characters, Google changed its logo to a playable version of Pac-Man. While it is not uncommon to see mini-games on the Google homepage nowadays, this was the first occurrence of the playable Google logo.

In fact, the Google team thought it was so cool that they decided to keep it as the search engine’s logo for two days. According to the company’s then-senior UX designer and developer Marcin Vichari, the pairing of Google and Pac-Man seemed natural because “they are both deceptively straight, carefully hiding their complexity under the hood” and “a lightweight -Full, human touch to both of them.”

While the playable Pac-Man is no longer on Google’s homepage, you can still retrieve it via the Google Doodles Archive. Just hit the insert coin and chew.

2. Do a Barrel Roll and Spin the Google Search Results

“Do a Barrel Roll” is an Internet meme originating from the Star Fox 64, the 1997 Nintendo 64 Flying video game in which a character named Peppy Hare repeatedly instructs the player to perform a maneuver.

Someone on Google apparently found this meme amusing, where if you search for “do a barrel roll” your entire screen will rotate 360 ​​degrees. This easter egg has been around since 2011 and it’s delightful that it still works today.

3. Play Chrome’s Endless Runner When Offline

Are you happily browsing the Internet on Chrome just because your Internet is turned off? It’s annoying. To alleviate that problem, Google built an endless runner game in the browser. You must run, jump, and make your way to victory as a tiny dinosaur, achieving the highest score you can – before your internet restarts and you’re back to work. Can you

As detailed on The Keyword, the dinosaur theme originated as a play on the prehistoric era, when shockingly, where there was no Wi-Fi. One of the game’s creators, Alan Bates, said, “The only restriction we put on ourselves was to keep the pace rigid, reminiscent of old video games.” Now, crores of people play this game every month.

Well, you don’t need to go offline to play the game. Just type chrome://dino/ in the address bar and you have hours of endless fun at your fingertips.

4. Go to Text Adventure in Developer Console

Text Adventures represent the origins of adventure games. Long before the 3D world was fully understood, developers told stories through the power of text; Users will type their reactions to dictate the story.

Google has created its own text adventure. To find it, do a Google search for “text adventure” and open the Developer Console (Control+Shift+J on Chrome). Here you’ll find a story awaits—press Y to start.

5. Travel the world and play Snake on Google Maps

Are you old enough to remember when Snake was actually a mobile game? While there are plenty of exciting mobile games out there to pass the time, few people had Snake on their Nokia; Guide a rising line around the board to collect the items.

To honor the classic, Google created a version of Snake that can be played on a low-resolution version of Google Maps. You select a location, then guide a vehicle (such as a red London bus or Tokyo train) around the map, collecting passengers. To go, go to Play Snake on Google Maps.

If you prefer the retro version, do a Google search for “play snake”. At the top of the results, click Play for a modern and fun take on the Nokia-popular game.

6. Play Solitaire on Google Search

Solitaire is a card game that dates back to at least the 1700s, so it doesn’t clearly originate from a video game. But it is known to many as the classic time waster included on Windows computers. Unfortunately, it no longer comes with the operating system, although you can bring back classic games on Windows.

Or you can turn to Google! Simply search for “Play Solitaire”, click on Play from the section at the top, and you can play the card game in your browser on either an easy or hard mode. A perfect way to take a break.

7. Hang Out with Sonic on Google Search

Green Hill Zone is the first level of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, featuring blue skies and rolling green hills. It has since appeared in several Sonic games and has become almost as iconic as the fast hog itself.

If you’re a fan of the sound, search “green hill zone” on Google. Look at the knowledge pane to the right of the search results and you’ll find a Retro Sonic Hangout. Click to make him move (turn up your voice!), after which he will tap his foot and rest it on the ground. Click him enough times and he will turn into Super Sonic.

8. Find Mario Question Block on Google Search

Not a Sonic fan? Is Mario more your style? Don’t worry, Google has got you covered. Search for “Super Mario Bros.” and you’ll see a glowing question mark block within the knowledge panel. Turn on your sound and click on it; You will hear a satisfying iconic sound as soon as the coin comes out. Click the block 100 times and you’ll hear the famous one-up noise instead.

There Are Too Many Google Easter Eggs To Find

When it comes to Google Easter eggs, these are only the tip of the iceberg. While we’ve covered the best ones related to video games, Google packs a lot more fun secrets into its services. For more fun, try searching “Google in 1998”.

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